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  Our company is located 300 meters west of Wangqingtun Village, Fenghuang Town, Linzi District, Zibo City, adjacent to the large state-owned enterprise Qilu Petrochemical. It is adjacent to the Jiaodong Peninsula to the east, the provincial capital city of Jinan to the west, the oil city of Dongying to the north, five kilometers away from the exit of Linzi on the Jiqing Expressway, and only three kilometers away from the North Station of Linzi High Speed Railway, with very convenient transportation.

  Our company has multiple domestically leading technologies for non-metallic ultrafine powder materials and polymer material composite modification treatment. Our technological development relies on the guidance of the China Plastic Modification Association and the non-metallic Powder Association. After several years of training, it has become a leader in the same industry and stood out, widely used in environmentally friendly packaging bags, electronic and electrical packaging, new building materials and other fields, deeply praised by users.

  Our company has advanced production and testing equipment, and has established a comprehensive quality control system and measures. Our company's products have all passed SGS testing and certification, and meet the requirements of RoHS standards; The above products all meet the food grade hygiene requirements.

  Our core technical team has several years of industry experience in research and development, production, and market expansion. We can provide customers with comprehensive technical services in plastic, coating, rubber formula, process configuration, equipment selection, and problem-solving during the production process.








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